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James Turner: 5 problems with the Open Source community There’s no question that the Open Source community has a lot going for it. Besides a staggering amount of developer power that can be turned against important problems, the Open Source movement also has a passion and commitment to its work that the commercial software world often envies. But sometimes, the Open Source community can be its own worst enemy. Here are a few reasons why. 1. Too many developers “scratch the same itch.” We hear that Open Source developers come up with new ideas because they “had an itch to scratch.” In other words, there was some need they had for a new application, and they “scratched” it by coming up with a tool. The problem is, it’s not uncommon to end up with two or three (or more!) different packages doing the same thing. For a specific example, look at what’s happened with the L... (more)

Xandros: An Excellent Desktop Replacement

Like many geeks, I find myself as the default support person for my family's computers. How this came to be is a mystery since I rarely, if ever, run any of the same programs as the rest of my family. Months ago I spent the better part of two evenings removing adware, spyware, malware, worms, and viruses from my parents' computer which was running Microsoft Windows XP Professional. During the course of this first infection I removed McAfee firewalling and other bits (which obviously didn't prevent the problem) and I purchased Norton Antivirus and firewall for the computer. Soon ... (more)

To Whom It May Concern

U R G E N T    A P P E A L Distributed Denial of Service Attacks against SCO, or anyone for that matter, are a clearly unacceptable activity. While many in the Open Source community are not pleased with SCO's lawsuit against IBM, or their proposed legal challenges aimed at Linux users, these DDoS attacks do not promote the Open Source cause, and are not consistent with Open Source values. The Open Source community is based on the notion that principals of free speech should be applied to software development. DDoS attacks clearly deny the victim the ability to communicate freely ... (more)

Why Do We -- Why Does Anyone -- Write About SCO?

I had originally titled this piece "Why SCO Is Irrelevant." However, if the SCO Group were truly irrelevant, why would I be writing about it? Why have so many bits been wasted and why has so much ink been spilled over an organization run by litigious drones with a penchant for mediocrity? The answer seems obvious when you examine the elements involved in the circus better known as SCO. Who is SCO? Lest we forget, Darl McBride, the CEO of SCO, was formerly employed at IKON Office Solutions as Sr. Vice President for Technology Services. One of his goals was to make IKON a major pl... (more)

Microsoft Urges Users Not to Use Windows on the Internet

In a recent article found on Microsoft's web site, users are urged to purchase additional hardware or software or keep computers using the Windows operating system off of the Internet.   It's unfortunate for all the hot air coming out of Redmond that Microsft still can't find a clue when it comes to basic computer security.  Microsoft continues to demonstrate that they are years behind Linux and open source innovators in many areas, not the least of which is security. In the article in question the author Tony Northrup adopts the position that the Internet is a bad place where ba... (more)